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AmoyDx Virus Transport Medium from China supplier
  • AmoyDx Virus Transport Medium from China supplier
AmoyDx Virus Transport Medium
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Intended Use

AmoyDx® Virus Transport Medium is intended to be used for collection, inactivation, storage and transport of clinical respiratory specimens containing viruses. The respiratory specimens should be collected by a healthcare professional.


The sterile flocked swab with plastic shaft is for collection of clinical respiratory specimens. The virus transport medium in tube is used to inactivate viruses to reduce the biological infection risk, and inhibit the RNase to protect viral RNA from degradation.


36 pack/kit

Storage and Stability

The shelf life of the kit is twelve months. The kit should be stored at room temperature (10~30 ) in shade, dry and clean condition.


1)      Unwrap the package, take out the swab.

2)      Collect the specimens with the oropharyngeal (OP) swab: insert the swab into mouth, and swab the posterior pharynx, avoiding the tongue.

3)      Place tip of swab into virus transport medium tube immediately, and snap/cut off the applicator stick.

Note: for other specimens not collected with swab, directly transfer 750 μL of specimen into virus transport medium tube.

4)      Screw the cap on tube to ensure cap on tube is tightly sealed.

5)      Label each specimen tube with the patient’s information.

6)      Store collected specimens at 4℃ for short-term storage of up to 24 hours, or store at or below -20 for long-term storage of over 24 hours. Ship the collected specimens to the laboratory on ice packs as soon as possible.

Warning and Precautions

Ÿ  For professional healthcare providers only.

Ÿ  For in vitro diagnosis only.

Ÿ  Perform the specimen collection in accordance with local guidelines.

Ÿ  Wear gloves and masks during collection.

Ÿ  Dispose the tubes and collected samples as biohazard medical waste.

Ÿ  Do not touch the swab if the swab tip contacted by transport medium.

Ÿ  The swabs are for disposable use. DO NOT RE-USE.

Ÿ  Do not use if it is expired, turbid or leaking.

Ÿ  Do not use if any damage of the package.

AmoyDx Virus Transport Medium from China supplier

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